Baltimore City Real Estate

One of the oldest cities the U.S., Baltimore was founded in 1729 by Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore (1605-1675), the first Proprietary Governor of Maryland. At that time, Fells Point was a separate town just to the east. In 1745, Baltimore grew to include Jones Town, a.k.a Old Town, to the east, and by 1777, Fells Point, originally called Fell’s Prospect, became a part of Baltimore City. Baltimore itself has a deep maritime history as one of the most important ports in the nation.

The home of the Star Spangled Banner, Baltimore City played a significant role in the War of 1812. “During the War of 1812 the British targeted Baltimore after burning Washington DC for its concentration of privateers who had inflicted heavy casualties against Britain’s merchant fleet. Due to the heavy fortification of Baltimore, the British forces were not successful and they were turned back. The defeat of the British at Baltimore was considered one of the turning points of the war. The battle at Fort McHenry where George Armistead commanded was Francis Scott Key’s inspiration for The Star Spangled Banner.” (Discover Baltimore)

In 1821, the first Roman Catholic Cathedral was completed after 15 years of construction and then consecrated by the Bishop of Baltimore, and was later elevated to a Basilica. Transportation history was also achieved here with the chartering of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1824. During the Civil War, Baltimore was a divided city. It was viewed as a very strategic point, prompting President Lincoln sent Union troops to protect the city from falling to the Secessionist troops, “Geographically [D.C.] lies surrounded by the soil of Maryland.” (Abraham Lincoln’s Classroom)

Baltimore City is home to world-renowned institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, Peabody Conservatory and University of Maryland. The Baltimore Orioles and Baltimore Ravens call the city their home, with Camden Yards always considered one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country. Baltimore natives call their city a city of neighborhoods, each its own distinct character, from Hampden – HON! – to the waterfront at Canton, to Federal Hill, to Roland Park and Guilford with its historic mansions.

Baltimore City hosts Artscape, the largest free outdoor arts festival in the country, the Babe Ruth Museum, Edgar Allan Poe House, American Visionary Arts Museum Baltimore Museum of Art and many other cultural institutions. Baltimore offers a variety of fun attractions, dining and entertainment, and is only a short drive to Washington, D.C., the ocean, the mountains and New York City to the north.