Sparks – Glencoe Homes

Just 30 minutes north of Baltimore City, the Sparks-Glencoe area offers residents rural living with the easy access to the city’s attraction and entertainment. Residents can also enjoy the North Central Rail (NCR) Hike-Bike Trail. “In 1835, the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad constructed a track through Baltimore City which included a siding and switch near a large tract of land owned by the Sparks family. Railroad officials gave the name Sparks to the switch, and soon area residents began to refer to the location as “Sparks’ Switch.” Abraham Lincoln’s body was carried through Sparks on the Baltimore and Susquehanna Railroad from Washington, D.C. on its way to burial in Illinois following his assassination in 1865.” (Wikipedia).

Oldfields School, Maryland’s oldest girls’ boarding school, is located in Sparks and has notable alumni, such as Wallace Warfield Simpson, future Duchess of Windsor, Alice du Pont Mills and Abir Muhaisen, princess of Jordan.