Towson Homes

Towson, the county seat of Baltimore County, was first inhabited by Susquehannock Indians. Towson was founded in 1750 when two brothers, William and Thomas Towson, emigrated from Pennsylvania and started farming on Sater’s Hill, to the northeast of York and Joppa Roads. In 1768 Thomas’ son, Ezekiel built a large tavern at the crossroads, just north of where the Towson Theater is now located. A small village called “Towsontown” began to grow around it, serving area farmers who traveled on York, Dulaney Valley and Joppa Roads.

In 1790 the Ridgely family built the magnificent Hampton estate, while other buildings were erected by other prominent families. A new era began in 1854 when the Court House construction started and Towson officially became the Baltimore County Seat. Towson retains its charm and sense of history, even though it has grown rapidly since World War II. Today it is more than a crossroads and courthouse town, having become a center for education, medicine, county government and law, and more recently a retail destination. (Info courtesy of Towson University.)